What motivates me as a filmmaker, photographer, and audio producer, is a passion to share true stories about the natural world. For 20 years I've been documenting people at work and at play in nature. I gravitate toward topics involving science, natural history, conservation, and indigenous cultures. I have been privileged to work on projects with the National Park Service, the USGS, NASA, ESPN, and the U.S. Forest Service. I've provided photographs and video to the Huffington Post, Defenders of Wildlife, and the Arizona Republic. As an audio producer, technical director, and studio musician, I have extensive experience in both live and studio settings with artists ranging from Aerosmith to Doc Watson.

  • Pre-production, planning, and logistics
  • Story layout, writing, and design
  • Lighting, photography, and cinematography
  • Sound design, audio recording, and mixing
  • Editing, graphics, and coloring grading