Field Recordist – interview samples – indoors

These interviews were recorded with Carolyn Shoemaker, Simon Nicholson, Annette McGivney, Lazlow Kestay, Sandra Nevills-Reiff, Jeff Goodell, and Terri Breeden.

Field Recordist – interview samples – outdoors

These interviews were recorded with Renae Yellowhorse, Gary Railton, Tashi Dolma, Shonto Begay, Bimbika Sijapati, and Tulku Tsori Rinpoche.

Recording engineer – acoustic instruments – piano

This performance by Frances Martineau was recorded on-stage at Arcosanti on a Tadashi concert grand piano. Excerpted from “Coming to Terms” on the album Visitations.

Recording engineer – instruments – harmonica & keyboards

This single “I Want You” by Debbie Harry was recorded at Mission Control studios in Boston, MA. It appears on the album Rockbird produced by Seth Justman.

Mix engineer – twin Studer 2″ 24 track tapes synced into SSL Series 4000 console

“Forward as One” is one of 10 songs from the album Hand to Mouth by General Public, produced by David Leonard, and mixed at Mission Control Studios in Boston, MA.

Studio musician – electric bassist

This recording, “Somewhere in my Heart” by Aztec Camera is from the album Love. It reached the #3 position on the UK Singles chart in 1987.

Songwriter and producer – various instruments

The song “Medicine Wheel” is from the album OMD by One Man Dog.