Colorado River

The Colorado River

One of the longest rivers in the United States, the Colorado drains over 246,000 square miles of land. It is perhaps the most heavily litigated watershed in the world and provides water to more than 40 million residents across seven U. S. states and two Mexican states. First descended in 1869 by an expedition led by Major John Wesley Powell, its many canyons show bear evidence of human visitation beginning thousands of years ago.

Conquistador Aisle, Grand Canyon

Desert Bighorn, Hole-in-the-Rock, Glen Canyon

The 50-mile Loop, Grand Canyon

Sunset on Lake Powell

Marble Canyon in Grand Canyon

Llewellyn Gulch, Glen Canyon

Grand Falls, Little Colorado River

Mud cracks, Lake Powell

Biologist measures fish, Grand Canyon

Hoodoo and the Henry Mountains

Granite Rapids, Grand Canyon

Hoover Dam, Arizona and Nevada