Mountaineering USA

Mountaineering USA

At 20,320' (6190m) Alaska's Denali, formerly known as Mt. McKinley, is the highest peak in North America. It has been summited by climbers as young as 11 years old and as old as 78. A trip to Denali is often preceded by a "training climb" on 14,411' (4392m) Mt. Rainier which has its own difficulties. Rainier is the highest mountain in Washington state and its proximity to the Pacific Coast makes it the perfect training ground to prepare for higher mountains.

Lower Paradise Glacier, Mt. Rainier

Muir Snowfield, Mt. Rainier

Cowlitz Glacier, Mt. Rainier

Little Tahoma Peak from Mt. Rainier

Overlooking the Ingraham Glacier, Mt. Rainier

Rappelling on the Nisqually Glacier, Mt. Rainier

Camp on the Kahiltna Glacier, Denali

Resting on the Kahiltna Pass, Denali

On the West Buttress, Denali

Motorcycle Hill, Denali

Staying active on a rest day on Denali

Descending the West Buttress, Denali