This Hallowed Ground


General Quintus Fabius, upon being urged by his son, to seize an advantageous position at the expense of a few men asked:  'Do you want to be one of those few?' - Fabius Maximus 203 BCE

The photographs in this essay were made at the location of some of the world’s most infamous human conflicts. The images are not meant to glorify the act of war, nor to diminish the valor and sacrifices made by so many. Instead, it is my hope viewers will imagine having been there, in these places, some time prior to them becoming permanently sealed in our collective memory as among the most somber and heartbreaking of all places on Earth, and to ask "why?"

Cannae, Italy - 216 BCE

Second Punic War

Maldon, Essex, England - 991

Viking Invasions of England

Battle, East Sussex, England - 1066

Battle of Hastings

Agincourt, Artois, France - 1415

Hundred Years War

Barnet, Hertfordshire, England - 1471

Wars of the Roses

Naseby, North Hamptonshire, England - 1645

English Civil War

The Boyne, County Meath, Ireland - 1690

Williamite War

Manassas, Virginia, United States - 1861

American Civil War

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, United States - 1863

American Civil War

The Somme, Picardy, France - 1916

World War I

Vierville-sur-Mer, Normandy, France - 1944

World War II

Point-Du-Hoc, Normandy, France - 1944

World War II

At present this project is approximately 35% complete.

The remaining photography will be finished by 2025.

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